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Sie sind hier: Startseite Lehre WS 2018/2019 Advanced Particle Physics

Advanced Particle Physics

Advanced Particle Physics

Lecturer: Dr. Christian Weiser
Time: 4 + 2 st., Mo 10-12, Di 12-14
Room: Mo HS II, Di SR I
Start: 15.10.2018
Tutorials: Mi 14-16, HS II


  • Introduction
    (recapitulation of notation, relativistic kinematics, natural units, particle content of Standard Model, forces, Feynman diagrams, conservation laws)
  • The electromagnetic interaction: Quantum electrodynamics (QED)
    (QED as first local gauge theory, gauge principle, Lagrangian formulation, renormalisation, running coupling, experimental tests)
  • The strong interaction: Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)
    (QCD as non abelian gauge theory, phenomenology, experimental tests)
  • From the weak interaction to the electroweak Standard Model
    (parity violation, CP violation, electroweak „unification“, phenomenology, experimental tests)
  • The Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism in the Standard Model
    (theory, phenomenology and experimental tests)
  • Neutrino physics
    (masses, oscillations, Dirac vs. Majorana nature , theory and experimental status)
  • Limitations of the Standard Model

Building on the knowledge acquired in the course Experimental Physics V (Kerne und Teilchen), the Standard Model of particle physics is discussed in detail. The fundamental concepts, the phenomenological consequences, and experimental tests are presented. Students will also learn how to evaluate simple Feynman diagrams. Limitations of the Standard Model, which motivate the search for extensions will be discussed at the end. The lectures are complemented by exercises, including computer simulations, with the aim to provide a solid foundation in experimental particle physics.  

Prerequisits:  Experimentalphysik V, Kern- und Teilchenphysik


  • F.Halzen und A.D.Martin, Quarks & Leptons, Wiley-Verlag.
  • P. Schmüser, Feynman-Graphen und Eichtheorien für Experimentalphysiker, Springer-Verlag.
  • D. Griffiths, Introduction to Elementary Particles, Wiley-VCH-Verlag.
  • M. Thomson, Modern Particle Physics, Cambridge University Press.
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