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ROOT and PYTHIA6 Installation

Installation of ROOT with the Event Generator PYTHIA6

1. Pythia installation

  • You will only need a fortran compiler (g77) to install pythia.
  • Download the following file from here: pythia6.tar.gz
  • create a directory called Pythia and copy the file into this directory
  • type: 'gunzip pythia6.tar.gz'
  • type: 'tar -xf pythia6.tar'
  • this creates a subdirectory called 'pythia6'
    type: 'cd pythia6'
  • we need to store this directory into an environment variable. type: 'export PYTHIA6=$PWD'
  • now we compile pythia.
    type: './makePythia6.linux'
  • You should have a file called: libPythia6.so produced in this directory.

2. ROOT installation

  • Please use the same shell as above
  • Download the root code (as a .tar.gz file) from this link: ROOTv5.25.02 tar ball
  • create a directory where you like to install root.
  • copy the file root_v5.24.02.source.tar.gz into this directory
  • type: gunzip root_v5.25.02.source.tar.gz
  • type: tar -xf root_v5.25.02.source.tar
  • go into the newly created directory 'root'
    type: export ROOTSYS=$PWD
  • type: ./configure linux --enable-pythia6 --with-pythia6-libdir=$PYTHIA6
  • type: make

Run Pythia in ROOT

  • type: export PATH=$PATH:$ROOTSYS/bin
  • type: root
  • You need to set the environment variables via 'export PATH=' and 'export ROOTSYS=' every time you start a new shell, it's easier if you just write it e.g. in your .bashrc (that is a file which starts everytime you open a bash shell)
  • An example macro for ROOT can be found at here
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