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Hadron Collider Physics

Hadron Collider Physics

Lecturer: Dr. Christian Weiser
Time: 4 st., Di, Mi 10-12
Room: SR GMH
Start: 12.05.2020


In this lecture Physics at Hadron Colliders is discussed. The focus lies on the discussion of recent physics measurements performed at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. They include experimental tests of the Standard Model, Higgs boson physics and searches for extensions of the Standard Model.

The programme consists of:
- Lectures (4h per week)
- Exercises / tutorials (2 h per week), including computer simulations and analysis of ATLAS physics events


  • Accelerators
  • LHC detectors
  • Phenomenology of pp collisions
  • Structure functions, cross sections
  • Particle signatures in LHC experiments
  • Inelastic pp collisions
  • Production of jets, test of perturbative QCD
  • Physics of W and Z bosons
  • The top quark and its properties
  • Search for the Higgs boson, measurements of the properties of the new particle at 126 GeV
  • Search for supersymmetric particles
  • Search for other extensions of the Standard Model


Experimental Physics V (Nuclear and Particle Physics)
Particle Physics II (desirable)


  • F. Halzen, A.D. Martin, Quarks and Leptons, Wiley-Verlag;
  • D. Griffiths, Introduction to Elementary Particles, Wiley-Verlag;
  • G. Kane, A. Price (Ed.), Perspectives on LHC Physics, World Scientific;
  • R.K. Ellis, W.J. Stirling und B.R. Webber, QCD and Collider Physics, Cambridge Univ. press;
  • D. Green, High PT Physics at Hadron Colliders, Cambridge Univ. press;
  • J.M. Campbell, J.W. Huston und W.J. Stirling, Hard interactions of quarks and gluons: a primer for LHC physics, Rep. Prog. Phys. 70 (2007) 89-193.
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